Thursday, January 23, 2014

Christmas Recap & Clean-Up

Last time I left off, I shared the two rooms I had decorated for Christmas amidst the main floor renovation. I enjoyed it for about a week and then I flew off to Michigan for two weeks to visit my family. It was such a relaxing and enjoyable time. We went to a local antique shop and I was jealous at the low prices compared to Denver. Might have to take a road trip this summer with Justin's utility trailer!

We also checked out a new country store we'd never been to before, called "Pride and Country", that was an adorable country village with a barn, school house, a caboose, and a farmhouse, filled with all kinds of goodies, including a cafe. Just one of the many reasons I love my home state.
* It was sleeting all day so click here for photo credit*

And my favorite spot to shop in Michigan before Christmas would be the Bavarian village of Frankenmuth. Actually, we did more window shopping than real shopping. The atmosphere is just so pretty and if we hadn't already eaten at our favorite restaurant before heading over there, we would have pigged out on some fabulous food too. Is it weird that we just inhaled the sweet aroma of bakery goods without buying anything? It smelled all yummy... and cozy... and Christmasy,  and that was good enough for me. Once again, it was dark, frigid, and drippy out, so I didn't take my own photo (grrrrrrr....)

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The weather kept us inside most days, including an ice storm that left us without power for a day, but it was a very nice to be home with family.

My parents got a shi-poo puppy that I fell in-love with and wanted to smuggle into my carry-on bag. Such a sweetie!

Sadly, it was kind of downer when I headed back to Denver Christmas Eve. I picked up an awful cold bug and started coming down with a fever while on the plane! I feel so awful for infecting the people around me flying out to Colorado for the holidays. I jumped into bed as soon as I got home. Poor Justin.  My plans for preparing a lovely Christmas dinner were quickly chucked out the window. I was still fatigued and snotty through New Years and couldn't shake an insipid cough for another week after that. Needless to say, I haven't been very motivated to take down my Christmas decorations.

Was Christmas really here and gone? I feel like I missed it. Being ill over Thanksgiving or Christmas is so disappointing. On a positive note, I did NOT gain any holiday weight. I actually lost five pounds (woohoo!). Secondly, I was cheered by the fact that I did a little decorating in my bedroom (which some deem silly). You just never know if you'll be stuck in bed over Christmas. It brought me some joy to turn the lights on that little tree next to my bed.

Now it's time to get back to the real world again. (sigh). I suppose. I didn't have too many decorations to put away. The fresh greenery was a bit of a mess though. Note to self: no pine boughs next year!

  I think perhaps I should move to Canada where Thanksgiving and Christmas aren't so close together. Anyone else with me? A month of Christmas just isn't enough and I always wonder how long is too long to keep my decorations up? I mean, as long as they're down before Valentine's Day, right? Well, it will be sooner than that in the Koehn home (I finished last weekend).

 What's your rule of thumb? When is it time to put the Christmas decorations away? I can't believe January is almost over! I feel like I'm still playing catch up. So many projects planned for this year and we're not even done with last year's.