Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Musical Mirrors

 I went on another shopping spree through my house and stole the mirror from the foyer to replace this frameless one in the laundry room.  Since the current mirrors sit on the backsplash, they're all gonna have to be removed anyway before the new tops can be installed. It's like musical chairs around here, only with mirrors. I have alternate plans for the other baths too!



I wasn't really happy with the size and shape of this mirror in the front room anyway. It just seemed too small.

This is what happens when you don't paint behind your mirrors! The holes have all been patched from the previous mirror, but I'm resisting the urge to paint. I want to so badly, because this looks terrible, but it makes more sense to paint after the backsplash and caulking are removed. Luckily, I have enough paint leftover! This is a good lesson: Don't forget to paint behind your bathroom mirrors! I might be in a little bit of a pickle with the guest and master baths upstairs. Uh oh.

The frame is about as wide as the other mirror, but not as tall, and the frame makes it pop and look more finished. Who knew?

It might be mounted a little, intsy bit, too high. I tend to do that a lot since I'm tall. It's like reverse discrimination until department stores designate a Misses "Tall" section in the same way they have "Petites." Just kidding. It's only high if you're less than 4 feet tall. I put everything higher in my home so I feel average height.

Hmmm...what next?