Sunday, February 23, 2014

Master Bath Before

The day has finally come to reveal my master bathroom before we install the new quartz counter top.  This bathroom has always looked a little worn, so it's definitely not a room I show many people. Like, family only.

 Once again, same cabinets, Formica top, and fixtures as the other two powder rooms. Not ugly, just blah boring. The trim needs a new coat of paint and the tile grout is dull. Anyone else hate grout, raise your hand.

There's that light fixture and humongous mirror again. I've got some ideas, but I'll have to run it by my contractor ;-) before it can be finalized.

YES! That's carpet on the face of the tub!!! That has to be the weirdest, grossest, and ugliest thing in the whole house. Who thought this was a good idea? Yuck. Don't look too closely, please. We obviously need to make a little painted wood panel.

This bathroom has me the most perplexed about choosing the faucets. Everything is chrome so it gets kinda expensive to start changing all the faucets. We hate the shower surround and tile, but we're not ready to deal with it. And while the chrome faucets on the roman tub and shower aren't fancy, they are well made Delta fixtures. If I swap out the existing sink faucets for prettier chrome ones, the room will look complete, even if we never get a chance to do a major reno on the bath and shower. Like I mentioned yesterday, we can update the handles from the acrylic on the tub and shower by choosing handles from the Delta line. That would be the easiest and safest way to go. I'm sure it would look good too.

I guess this is the downside to not doing a whole remodel, like most people would do.

Floor tile is also on the to-do list.

This room could also use some zhushing with accessories and perhaps even a little chandelier over the tub. I love taking baths this time of year.

Looks like we have our work cut out for us in this room. This could take a while. The designing and finished product are fun, but it has been a while since my house has been in one piece. Can't wait for it to feel like home again.

Up to my eyeballs in projects,

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