Friday, February 21, 2014

Laundry Room Before

The laundry room / half bath is finally making an appearance on the blog today. It's the most used room in the whole house.  I thought I would show the before photos so you guys can see what I've been talking about. So far, we have picked out the countertops and sinks. I have selected the faucet style, but still haven't settled on the finish. I'm leaning towards chrome.

 I wish I had some "before" before pictures, but it never occurred to me that I would have a blog one day so these pics are mid reno. We painted the walls a green gray and installed cabinets over the washer/dryer. Justin installed, what I like to call, a big boy potty in here too. It's great for us taller folks. The floor is still linoleum.

We grabbed these cupboards off the shelf at Lowe's. Couldn't believe how well the finish matched the originals. That doesn't rule out the possibility that I won't paint them white some day, but in the meantime they match the existing cabinets. The knobs are just a plain brushed nickel.

And this light fixture? Oh boy. I've got them in all three bathrooms. Not my favorite. They would be perfect In a Hollywood dressing room though. "They love me! They really love me!" Hee Hee. Just kidding.  Justin has been ripping these babies out of many homes here in Denver. The only upside being that we've utilized those light bulbs from said jobs and have NEVER had to buy light bulbs for these fixtures in 7 years! Could you imagine those pig tail fluorescent bulbs in here?! Gross.

 Yes, that's a big bottle of GoJo on the counter. Orange pumice and granite are not friends. Let's hope Justin gets that garage sink installed ASAP!

Vanity BEFORE with scratched up sink (courtesy of Justin), dirty acrylic/chrome faucet, and laminate counters. Excited for under mount sinks so I won't  have this dirty rim around the sink anymore.  As you can see, the Formica counters were still in pretty good condition and a  nice neutral beige. Not ugly or outdated, just plain. 

Once we change the top of the vanity, mirror, and light fixture, the only thing left in this room is the floor. I would like to add some white beadboard, below the imaginary chair rail, to brighten it up in here, but we'll have to see. In case you're wondering why I'm keeping the ho-hum vanity cabinet.  I'm not changing out a perfectly good vanity for something more unique. I am far too cheap practical for that and need a large sink in here to do my hand washed laundry. This room is straight off the garage, after all.

Stay tuned to see the project unfold. Tomorrow, I'll post pics of the guest bathroom. The fabricator says the counters should be done by next week!

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