Friday, February 21, 2014

Guest Bath Before

This is also a first time appearance of the guest bathroom on the blog. This is the last time it's going to look like this before we install our granite countertops in the weeks to come.  Same Formica counters, fixtures, and flooring as the laundry room and master bath. Notice the built-in toilet paper roll? I haven't done anything in this room except add beige paint Justin had leftover from a job. Even though this room gets used the very least, the toe kick is getting kinda worn (maybe I was too liberal with the Murphy's Soap?), so I'd like to paint this cabinet white. 

I'd really like to add some storage over the toilet, like a towel rack or shelves. I've been told that the shower is very dark because there's no recessed light in there, so that would be nice to add.

And then there's the light fixture, mirror, and floor. Luckily not much tiling to do in this small space. Maybe I'll finally try my hand at it?

 The light fixtures can't just be swapped out, unfortunately. The brilliant electrician that worked on these homes didn't center any of the electrical boxes with the vanities. This little fact is hidden behind the ugly chrome plate.  Sure, Justin can move it and patch the wall, but it's quite a process: move electrical, patch drywall, mud seams, sand, mud texture to blend in with the rest of the wall, prime, and paint. Times this by three. I may have to come up with a nifty solution. Hmmmm... This might take some time.

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