Thursday, December 5, 2013

DIY Christmas Chalk Art Pillow

Yesterday, when it was snowing and freezing, Justin and I decided to drive on down to IKEA. We've been needing to go return a few items for his customer, so we thought, "why not?" There was hardly anyone there! Like twenty customers in the whole store. It was AWESOME!

I headed straight to the textiles and snatched up a couple of $3 black canvas pillow covers so I could make THIS pillow today! That's the cost of a zipper. Ridiculous. If you don't have an IKEA by you, these pillowcases are probably available online. If not, Hobby Lobby has something similar for around $6. That is still less expensive than buying fabric and a zipper(use a 40% off coupon for extra savings there).

I freehanded my favorite lyrics from "O Holy Night" with a white charcoal pencil and traced over it with a felt tipped white paint marker. If there's any charcoal pencil showing when you're done, just rub it off with a clean white dry cloth.

 I bought the marker over a month ago so I can't recall how much it cost, but it was probably only $3 or $4. I took out a pillow insert from an old pillow that was falling a part (zero $) and that's all folks. Try your own design on any of the multitude of colors they offer! Endless possibilities.


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