Saturday, November 30, 2013

Slowly But Surely

"We shan't be disturbed here. This parlour is for my own particular use." -Charlotte, Pride and Prejudice

So I've written pretty far and in between because of one very good reason. My entire first floor has been under construction for a year. Yes, a year! Who's brilliant idea was it to start a blog during all this chaos? The formal living room and dining room hardwoods have been done for quite awhile, but we didn't put the rooms back together because we still needed to install baseboards and paint them. It's quite a process with all the dust, noise, and moving furniture around. I probably have the best contractor in town (my husband). We get to save a ton of money on labor, but it's not FREE; it costs a lot of patience.

I am so pleased to announce that my formal living room is totally finished! I am so excited to find a little corner of peace and tranquility. It's my little fancy room that no one ever sits in. I invite people to sit in there, but they usually decline. It's silly, actually. We end up gathering in the family room or our little kitchen table instead.

Here's where I get to show off my husband's handiwork. Not the most exciting thing, but he deserves a shout out for his fabulous carpentry skills.

Our flooring was purchased at Floor and D├ęcor. It is prefinished solid oak in two widths - 3" and 5". There were no prefinished register covers so we had to buy them unfinished and stain them to match. I say "we" but I mean Justin. He's the pro.  I guess we still need to fill the nail holes on this one with wood filler, but they are done for the most part. I like how they are built into the floor. It makes them easier to clean.

Our home unfortunately is finished with bull nose corners and orange peel textured walls (like most in the Denver suburbs). I thought it was the strangest thing when I moved out here from Michigan. That means every corner has to have an extra little piece of trim. Justin painted the trim with his small paint sprayer to achieve a nice smooth finish.

 I even touched up the trim along the staircase. Gonna snap some photos real quick before I start decorating for Christmas. I only have TWO rooms I can decorate this year! Well, maybe three if I'm lucky and the dining room gets finished;)

Okay...on to the decorating.

The coffee table from the family room needed a temporary home so I brought it in here. The red chair and ottoman (also from the family room) have been hibernating in my bedroom until now. I thought it would be nice to bring them out for Christmas. The scrolls are new (something I picked up at the antique mall), but everything else is just rearranged and no more green pillows or curtains. I grabbed a couple pillows from the family room too.  Looks like a different room in every way. Apparently, this is the only "before" shot I have where you can see the carpet. Instead of the red chair, I usually have two arm chairs from the dining room. You can see the back of the chairs in this photo.



As you can see,  I don't have any curtains up yet either, just sheers.

I don't have a rug down so I could showcase the floors. They've also been covered up with cardboard (for their protection and cleanliness) while we were working in the other rooms so I'm none too eager to cover them up again. I'm not really sure what I want to do though. I'll right another post to deal with the rug issue later. Slowly but surely, it will be tightened up. I was just so excited to share the progress.

What about you? Have you ever gone through a remodel during holiday season?


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