Friday, August 2, 2013

Slipcover Template

It sure does seem like I'm starting a lot of projects that I'm not finishing. I'm either a) waiting for some supplies to be delivered; b) need to still order supplies; or c) waiting for the weather to cooperate so I can sand my craft table top and take pics of the dining set I painted in April!

In the meantime, I do what I can indoors. Today, I put the muslin I bought the other day at Hobby Lobby to good use by making a template for slipcovers. It's not only cheaper to make my own,  rounded slipcovers are hard, if not impossible, to come by.  I like the casual country chic look of wrinkly white cotton. The added bonus is that they'll protect my upholstered dining chairs from food and spills because I'm making them washable. I actually like the white muslin, but it's a little too lightweight and you can see the black chair underneath.

The easiest way to get the back tailored, since its angled, was to  turn it over and let  gravity help me out.
I bought just enough fabric (5 yards, 36" wide). Luckily, my chairs are cushioned, so I wrapped the muslin around and pinned it in the corners to see if I had enough for the skirt. I know nothing about making clothes, but I'm feeling very Project Runway about all this.


It needs a little refining, but I'm not sewing this; I'm just using the pieces to trace for a pattern. That will keep me from wasting the material I'm using for the final slipcover. I made sure I could pull it off and turned it inside out, still pinned together. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
I think I'm going to add a kick pleat (not sure what if that's the technical name) to the corners for some added flare and ease in removal. I just figured out how to do it (all by myself).  I've got 8 chairs and no fabric ordered yet, so this project probably won't be finished soon. Just sharing a preview.


AntiqueChase said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment... love your slip covers. ... I'm not that talented! marcy

Amber said...

Thanks, Marcy! I'm not a seamstress or anything, but I'm starting to figure out a few things.