Saturday, July 27, 2013

You've Got Dreams while my home is turned upside down I can work on a few furniture pieces, but mainly I'm in limbo. I don't want to leave my blog hanging so maybe I'll take this opportunity to share my decorator dreams. Whenever Justin and I tell his mother about any construction/landscaping plans she always says something like, "You sure do have big dreams." Cracks me up.

They're not the kind of dreams that breed discontent or materialism, however. Sometimes things really do need repairs or we're adding something functional, but most of all, I just like to create. I'm an artist and my home is my canvas. I enjoy the planning, the process, the creativity, and the end product. It's fun and you don't have to spend a lot of money to create a home. Some people do one room at a time; I do a little bit in each room at a time. So here we go...

The hardwoods are currently delayed by the fireplace and built-ins we're installing in the Family room. As you can see, it's a pretty bare wall. This room is also right off the garage so it can get rather chilly as well. A fireplace is going to be beautiful and functional. I'm grateful we're getting hardwoods in here too. The carpet was wearing down a lot between the family room and kitchen next door to the point that my foot was catching the tack strip. Ow! Carpet is no good in a high traffic area like this.

This is what we're going for with the built-ins. I grabbed this photo on google images so I'm sorry I don't have the link! It won't be this exactly, but very similar. I'm thinking classic black slate tile around the fireplace.

Justin scored a gas insert on Craigslist about 2 years ago from another contractor who was doing a remodel. It's a lightly used unit, but at $300 I'm totally okay with that. New units are upwards of  $1,000! We're going to order base cabinets from our supplier and spray them white. Justin is going to build the bookcases. He's built the wall to go around the fireplace, which includes a pocket for our flat screen TV, and ran the electrical for the fireplace and lights. The fireplace still needs to be hooked up and more wires run for surround sound (not my idea). Oh, did I mention we have to upgrade to a bigger system to carry the load of the extra BTU's? Yeah, so many things go into remodeling that cause DELAYS. It's never as simple as you think it's going to be, even when your spouse is a contractor.

As far as design goes, I wouldn't be surprised if that gigantic leather sectional makes an appearance at a yard sale or Craiglist. Any takers in the Denver metro area? If Justin won't part with it, I'm considering breaking it up (one couch with two armless chairs) and slipcovering each piece myself.

I'm also considering taking out all the red. I've already relocated the taffeta drapes to our master bedroom to block out the morning light that awakens us at 5am EVERY day, but the white sheers are here to stay. I'm still contemplating the drapes. Sultana burlap maybe? These are from Ballard Designs, but I'm sure I could make my own on the cheap.

Like a said, a yard sale is definitely in order. I won't even have a place for that TV console once we finish the fireplace wall. Sounds like a smart way to fund my design dreams, don't you think? One thing is certain, this room is not going to look the same.


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