Tuesday, July 30, 2013

When Dreams Start Coming True

For the most part, my master bedroom is complete. Everything that's in the guest bedroom once used to be in here so I definitely have my dream space now. We purchased new furniture four years ago and we still love it. It is a set, which I know is like some designer faux pas, but some of us have to compromise. Besides, the dressers are huge and have these neat hidden drawers that are lined with felt and perfect for storing long necklaces.

The photos above the bed are from Home Goods. They're taken from a small ferry in Prague. How do I know this, you ask? I have been on that very ferry tour when I took a trip to the Czech Republic for a college class. Isn't that amazing? I took an old point and shoot instead of my digital camera (what was I thinking?!).

I made the toile pillows and bench cover. They were one of my first adult sewing projects - the first time I made a slipcover and the first time I made a pillowcase with a zipper in it.  I keep thinking about embellishing the pillows some more or adding a cushion to the bench cover now that I'm a little more confident with my sewing skills.

The coverlet is a matelass√© from JC Penney. It's over sized, which is ideal when one has a pillow top king size mattress. The one I originally had from Pottery Barn shrunk so the guest room has the fortunate accident of inheriting that gem. I like white bed linens because they're neutral, bright, and you can always bleach them if dirt or body oils discolor them.

 I also used to have white dupioni silk drapes in here, but as I mentioned in the Family Room post, the light coming through that enormous window was waking us up every morning prematurely.  The guest room might be getting my white silk drapes too. Ooh-la-la. What lucky guests I have.

At some point, we'll have to replace the carpet upstairs, but it's still livable and this bedroom is my sanctuary regardless (especially during the remodel downstairs!).


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