Monday, July 29, 2013

Sweet Dreams For Guests

The guest room is not on my priority list. It's not a bad room. It's pretty much done actually. The drywall needs a repair behind one of the nightstands. I could patch it up myself if we didn't have textured walls. Here's what happened: there's a little roof behind this room that we thought about tapping into to create another closet until we realized that there's no floor joists in that area. Bummer.

 I like the porcelain blue paint color and the queen bed and duvet, which were originally bought for the master bedroom (until I realized I cannot sleep that close to another human being). I also had to pass down my Pottery Barn coverlet because it shrunk and no longer fits my king mattress. I've been looking for pillows and material for  but haven't found anything yet.

It's not a very big room so there's not much to say about it. The nightstands are Ethan Allen children's dressers that the hubs has had for many years. They're in great shape except they both need new tops. The bigger one is veneer with rounded corners and the smaller one has a big gouge in the top. Some of the hardware was missing so I replaced the knobs probably five years ago.  I plan on painting them as soon as the tops get repaired, probably in distressed white.

There's a white bookcase in the corner, not pictured, that holds all my best childhood stuffed animals (Boyd's Bears), paper dollhouse, as well as books. I love them too much to hide them away in a box. What can I say, I'm still a kid at heart.


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