Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let There Be White

In the beginning...there were THREE blonde farmhouse tables (the furniture store was having a sale). The natural finish wasn't going to work with my decor but meant it would be easy to re-stain and paint. One was refinished for the eat-in kitchen. My husband stained the top and sprayed the base with semi gloss Krylon. This was years before I knew about chalk/milk paint and wanted that "dipped" finish.

And then there were two. The original plan was to modify the tables for 1) a computer desk and 2) a craft/sewing table. The tables are solid wood (no veneer!) and my husband thought modifying would be cheaper than buying the material. Well...the tables sat in the basement for years. Six to be exact. Other projects around the house have been taking precedant, and that's okay. Time gave me the opportunity for figuring out what I really wanted to do. I realized four years ago that I needed more of an executive desk with STORAGE under my computer rather than just a table, so I went ahead and purchased one along with a couple of bookcases. I then spent the last four years trying to figure out a) what type of paint to finish my craft table in and b) a coordinating paint color that would go with the off-white desk and bookcases. Oh my!

It's finally time to paint the craft table. I'm currently using a plastic folding table and not only is it unattractive, my anywhere hole punch doesn't work on it. I have enjoyed working with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint immensely so I found the product. Now the color? I really really really wanted an all white office. ASCP options: Old White or Pure White. I already had a quart of Old White and was really hoping it would work. After repainting the main floor in a darker cream, however, the Old White looked dingy and it was darker than my office furniture.  Total Bummer! The Pure White, on the other hand, was as white as my trim, but brighter than my office furniture. I probably should have attempted some paint mixing, but I didn't. I don't need an exact match per se; I just don't want it to clash.  The wax makes it darker so maybe I'll be alright?

Hmmm.... clear wax was not enough. I quickly realized my Minwax furniture wax was tinted slightly and yes, it did make the white darker. <SIGH>  The finished product is still a little lighter but I'm staining the top so I think it will be just fine. Anyone else get obsessive like this? It's a craft table for goodness sakes.

And there's still one leftover! I guess I'll have to paint that one to sell outright. I don't think I need or really want THREE of the exact same table in my house. Kinda takes away from the vintage look. Oh, the endless possibilities.


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