Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Biting the Bullet

After much research and careful observation, I finally bit the bullet and underwent my first chalk paint project. I have a desk for my office and two nightstands in the guest room that have needed paint for years, but I did not try this experiment on them. Oh no. I'm all in. This isn't going to just be my first time painting with this wonder paint; I'm going to attempt to sell my product after. It's not like I have high expectations or anything.

So...welcome to the world of Craigslist. That's right. I have never used craigslist before. My husband has bought and sold plenty but this was a first for me. I think I over paid on this first go around, but all is not lost. I'm still learning. I bought this vintage circa 1988 queen ann style dining set (two of the chairs didn't make it in this pic) with a leaf. As you can see, I got excited and ripped off the cushions right away. They're piled up in the background and were in really good shape. See that shiny top? Yah, that's laminate. 

I decided to go with two different colors. I like the look of the wood top with painted legs, but I couldn't stain plastic very well now could I. I used Annie Sloan's chalk paint in Old White and Graphite. I opted to not get the expensive fancy brush (at least for now) and used a brand new 2" angled brush.

Everybody said this paints sticks to anything, without any prep work. I confess, I sanded the shiny top to give the paint some help and hopefully, fewer coats (this paint aint cheap).  It says on the can the paint usually covers in one coat. That must be for antiques and solid wood furniture, cuz this stuff needed to be covered and one coat was streaky (maybe I need that fancy brush, afterall). I ended up doing 2 full coats and one touch up coat on the chairs and table legs and 3 full coats on the table top (just to make sure that shiny top was well covered).

Here is the table before distressing (please forgive the floors and mess. We're in the process of laying hardwoods)

I mulled around the idea of leaving the top unwaxed so that it could be used as a chalkboard, but was worried it wouldn't be very durable for a tabletop like chalkboard paint would be. I did want to make it more *special* somehow though, so I opted to handpaint an image I acquired from the graphics fairy.

I sanded the piece with fine grit sandpaper before waxing to give the handpainted detail an aged and worn look, not fully realizing that sanding the graphite paint would leave permanent chalky marks on the surface. Fortunate accident, I say. It makes the top look even more like slate or soapstone.

What do you think?

Final pics and chairs to come...


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Rachel K said...

Dude!! This looks awesome! We did a dresser and desk using Annie Sloan...love love love the stuff. Can't wait to see your final pics! :)